Precision Express Mfg. has the capability of producing precision components for various industries including:
  • electronics
  • medical
  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • computer 
  • defense and several others. 
The wide range of industries served is the perfect testimony to Precision Express's willingness to tailor its support to the specific needs of different customers.
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 Our capacities start at as small as .008" in  
 diameter and up to 1.625".  We make parts in all
 shapes and sizes. Our CNC machining
 capabilities allow us to provide complex, close 
 tolerance, low to medium or large volume parts at 
 economical prices. 
 We cut a large variety of  metals and plastics         including but not limited to:  stainless steel,   titanium, aluminum,brass,copper,  carbon steel   alloys, teflon, etc. 

 We use only the highest quality materials.

              80 Dolphin Road    Bristol, CT 06010 
                V. 860-584-2627     F. 860-584-1011

Precision Express Manufacturing
...precision parts, express delivery...
Precision Express's versatility means you can come to us with your requirements and be assured that we have the experience and the facilities to provide the products that meet your needs. From start to finish we analyze every part in order to determine the most effective and cost efficient method of production. We make sure that your needs for precision parts are met with knowledge and accuracy.